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District Of Columbia

District Of Columbia

Are you a resident of the District of Columbia with a legal case?

Court Buddy provides immediate support by matching you with an attorney in the District of Columbia (“D.C.”) and assists you with managing your legal case. Don't take the risk of going it alone. The complex nature of the law means that failing to work with an attorney in certain instances can lead to broken agreements, lost claims, a lost livelihood, risk to yourself, your family or your business. It can even lead to prison time. Court Buddy is available at any point during your case and we typically match you with an attorney within 24-48 business hours. With Court Buddy you're just a click or call away from legal help being on the way.


It is important to find an attorney near you.

For the most part, the majority of legal issues that individuals and small businesses experience are governed by state and/or local law. Each state adopts its own laws and regulations, fines and punishments, and legal processes, which makes the law challenging for an individual to figure out. This makes it vitally important to hire a D.C. lawyer so you have someone fighting for you who is well-versed in the laws and procedures unique to D.C. Going it alone without a lawyer is the easiest way to lose. It is critical to have legal representation, especially if you have an important negotiation or a court date scheduled.

Court Buddy does not simply match you up with any available attorney. All of the lawyers you would be matched up with as a resident of D.C. are licensed attorneys in good standing (either with the D.C. Bar or another Bar), and who are familiar with the laws, regulations, and procedures governing D.C. — as well as the local laws and procedures governing the markets and courts in which they practice. You can put their knowledge and experience to your advantage.

We match clients and attorneys on a county-by-county basis. That means not only will you be matched with an attorney who has the experience and expertise to handle your case, you will also be matched with an attorney who routinely practices in your county. As a resident of D.C. you will be matched with Court Buddy attorney members who are also residents of D.C. or who and regularly practice in D.C.

Court Buddy makes finding a D.C. licensed attorney easy and affordable. In fact, we are so confident that you will find Court Buddy helpful that we offer clients a “Match Guarantee or It’s Free.” If we cannot find you an available attorney to work on your case, we will return any amount you pay towards your first legal service. We typically can match clients with a Court Buddy member attorney within 24-48 business hours.


Court Buddy can help.

We currently offer services from a number of experienced lawyers who are licensed and available to help D.C. residents. Using Court Buddy, you can find a lawyer throughout the District of Columbia.

Trust in Court Buddy to help you find a D.C. lawyer easily and affordably. Get started today!

Find your lawyer now at Court Buddy.

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