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Court Buddy Cares & We're Here to Help You During The Protests & COVID-19 Outbreak 

Updated May 28, 2023

Court Buddy Cares and we're here to help.


We have a toll free help hotline at 866-999-9297 - Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM an extensive resource directory with news articles, contact numbers and links to important information and blog posts updated daily at https://www.courtbuddy.com/legal-insights-blog From what to do if you get arrested at a protest to landlord-tennant and eviction, forbearance, credit card payments, car loans and student loans to Paycheck Protection Program and SBA loans, mental health support groups and more, we've got you covered. Please see below, check in daily and share this information.


Drew Koven

CEO & Member of The Board





We can also assist with finding an experienced attorney near you today.

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Hablamos Español

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